How To Build An Epic Multi-Gaming Platform Like Winzo & MPL?

How To Build An Epic Multi-Gaming Platform Like Winzo & MPL?

Mobile games were no less favourite among people before the epoch of Covid arrived. However, social distancing did give a boost, no doubt, to the industry, specifically, multi-platform games and development services.

You see, since the launch of the MPL gaming platform in 2018, it has amassed over 10 million users, in just 3 months. The number rose to 40 million subscribers, which constitutes about 14% of the Indian gaming population. 

By offering entertaining games like Rummy, Fantasy Cricket, Ludo, Fruit Dart, and more, with chances of grabbing real money rewards, the platform grew to incredible heights. 

Besides MPL, the success of Winzo, Paytm First Games, and Zupee among other platforms became a witness to the potential of multi-gaming apps globally, particularly in India. 

This jacks up game architects to build engaging and profitable multi gaming apps like MPL and Paytm First. Noticing your passion, we’ve decided to put out a simple yet helpful guide to walk you through the ins and outs of developing the best multi game platforms. 

Here, you will get to know the resources and chops it takes to build a multi gaming platform like Winzo & MPL and more about the Mobile Multi Gaming platform and Mobile game development services.

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What’s A Multi Gaming Platform, Really?

The name makes it clear that the platform is about several games in a single place. From single-player games to multiplayer games, tournaments, and the most trending esports & games, you will find everything covered under one platform. Yeah, such gaming apps offer a variety of fascinating esports and games where you can play and even compete with your buddies, fam, or even strangers. 

Have you seen MPL, Winzo, Zupee, then, you already know what multi-gaming apps mean? The platforms allow you to choose the game you want to play and if you win you get real money as a reward. So, not only do these platforms deliver a collection of fun games on a single spot but also provide real money to the winners. These facts contribute to the immense acceptance and popularity of multi-game platforms in India and abroad. 

What Makes MPL and Winzo Different & Successful? 

Unquestionably, MPL, Zupee, Hago, and Winzo have revolutionized and given a new direction to multi-gaming platforms. Nowadays, mobile gaming is burgeoning constantly, and if you want to enter the industry, there’d be no better time than this for considering Multi Gaming Mobile platform

But, you’d first want to understand what made MPL so successful. Well, here are three important points you need to know:

Engaging and Smooth UX/UI

We don’t know where the maxim, “first impression is the last impression” holds true. But it certainly lies at the heart of applications and games. The backbone of multi-gaming platforms is the cash-coin system, as players are mostly driven towards them winning real money. Thus, this system ought to be as secure and smooth as a cash withdrawal system, or else you will end up losing your hard-gained subscribers. 

Furthermore, while working on game design, make sure you do it for the audience, not technocrats and scientists. Online games that people get reeled into mostly feature a simple, intuitive, and engaging UX/ UI design. The key is to make games that are simple to learn but difficult to master and demand some effort while building a multi gaming platform. 

Refer to a Game & Play Together

“Sharing is caring”, then why not let others have fun by sharing a cool game? The element of adding companions to the game plays a role in its promotion. When people come across some entertaining or great thing, they want to share and liven up their experiences with their friends and loved ones. As they pass on the game to them, the client base of the platform automatically increases, hence, revenue. MPL also relies on reference prizes and reference codes to grow the subscriber base. 

Chat Options

Chit-chatting while enjoying a game boosts the fun for the player. We all played games sitting quietly, just tapping our fingers on the phone. It’s not such a great experience compared to where we can talk to our friends or opponents in the game. Video talk highlights and live text features are brilliant additions for enhancing the e-gaming experience of your audience. Although these elements will take up the game-building cost a bit higher, it definitely pays back. Cauz’ users love ‘em!

How To Build a Multi-Gaming Platform Like MPL & Winzo?

Developing a feature-rich, blockbuster multi-game app is not a walk in the park. From game design to secure and successful money transactions in games, there are a lot of things to be considered. For that, you will definitely need a full-grown team of experienced professionals and a cutting-edge tech stack. If costs go really high for you, going for a multi-gaming mobile game development company wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

Nevertheless, let’s discuss what you need in a team for building a multi-gaming platform: 

  • A Skilled App Developer (Android/ iOS)
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Game Developer
  • Server Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Experienced Project Manager
  • An Expert Backend Developer

Now, let’s walk you through the technology and tools your team would require to develop apps like MPL and Winzo. 

  • Robust Backend preferably multi-thread and micro services
  • Cloud  Database
  • Unity or Native framework for Android & iOS Development
  • Cloud Server and Docker Services
  • Apple & Google Cloud Notification Service 
  • WebRTC for Live Communication 
  • Payment Gateway
  • Mail Server
  • SMS Gateway
  • User Insights & Analytical Tools

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Multi-Game App Like MPL & Winzo?

After knowing all the above, you might want to know the rough cost of a multi-gaming platform app development at a leading game development company. So, you can know the budget expectations. The best way is to connect with a game studio that specializes in multi-gaming app development. It will apprise you of the most accurate estimate of the cost. 

The key factors that make the cost difference in the feature-centric approach are: 

  • Parent App Technology and Complete Tech Stack

Deploying robust technology infrastructure ensure the platform built is easy-to-maintain, smooth, and scalable. Such an application will continue growing and attracting users over time. The advanced tech stack helps a lot when it comes to adding further modules or components to the platform without affecting its performance. The more advanced the technology and tools deployed for development, the higher will the cost go. 

  • Type and number of Games included

The more games you wish to see integrated into the platform in addition to the basic ones, the higher will be overall project cost. Not just that, the kind of games you aspire to be fitted into the app will also play a role in determining the entire cost. 

  • Security and Audit mechanics

Since multi gaming platforms deal with sensitive user information, it is important to ensure the security of the platform. Furthermore, planning regular monthly, quarterly, and annual audit operations and reporting system is also a necessity when it comes to multigaming platforms. That’s because it helps identify false or unauthorized revenue transfers. Integrating robust security and audit mechanics into the platform will also affect the project cost. At StudioKrew, we don’t only develop and deliver the gaming platform but also help to draft and prepare the Test-Kit and Developer Kit helping you to deliver the knowledge easily and a level benchmark set. 

  • Wallet or Reward Mechanics

This is another factor that may impact the overall project cost. Nowadays, top game development agencies like StudioKrew prefer building multi-level wallet mechanics. It ensures measures to evade unauthorized transactions including manual credit as well as debit. Such a system also streamlines the tracking of all kinds of transactions, including micro-level transactions within a single view.  

  • UX/UI

When it comes to the design of an application, several factors come to affect its overall cost such as the kind of application, hybrid, mobile, or web apps, the technology used, functionalities, etc. The more customized you want for your app’s UX/ UI, the more you’ll have to pay. Furthermore, the scale of the project along with the technical complexity associated with it will also impact the project price. 

To give you an idea about the cost of building apps like MPL and Winzo, here we are putting out some more deets:

On average, you may have to fish out around $50K to $60K to get a multi-gaming app with main features. However, if a platform with more advanced features like MPL is on your mind, then, the process may cost over $70K for both Android as well as iOS. 

There are several factors at play when it comes to multi-gaming app development such as the location of a chosen game studio. For instance, it differs from Europe ($100- $150/ hr), to North America ($70-$250/hr) and Asia ($20-$50/ hr). Another critical factor that influences your project cost is the number of games, customization and features you want in the game.

There are some cheaper options like web games integrated within the basic app through the webview or games purchased from multi vendors without any standard  Dev-Kit and integrated. But this option will not be the better idea in the longer run. Especially when you are looking for value investors or targeting a high number of DAU or WAU.

To get the closest idea of the budget required for building a full-fledged multi-gaming platform, you can connect with top Game Development Agencies like StudioKrew or  KrewGames’ business team. Refer to their portfolio, processes, and approaches to know more about this leading app and game development studio. 

Top Games You Can Add To Your Multi-Gaming Platform

Always put the horse before the cart. Here, we mean, do the research first about what games people like to play before including any on your platform. Know that more games mean more fun. Here’s a list of some popular games you can consider for your app: 

  • Ludo
  • Chess
  • Shooter Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Carrom Board
  • Card Games
  • Ladder Dash: Download Link

For more gaming ideas, you may download the newly launched Two Player Offline Game platform name Challenge Master available on PlayStore. Download Link

You can also choose to add some excellent fantasy sports, if you’ve got the budget, such as: 

  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Basketball
  • Fantasy Hockey

Top Multi-Gaming Platforms To Inspire You

Success always inspires passionate souls. So, here we have enumerated some of the top multi-gaming platform apps from where you can glean inspiration for your app. These companies are each other’s competitors as most of them have the same features. But their USP makes the difference, in the end. 

  • Hago
  • MPL
  • Zupee
  • Paytm First Games
  • Fan Duel
  • WinZO
  • 17Patti
  • SkillStan
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A Quick Wrap-Up

So, that was a simple 101 guide about building Multi-Gaming Apps like MPL and Winzo. We covered everything from the basic definition of multi-gaming apps to features, top multi-gaming platforms, and more.  For sure, these platforms are growing and getting hotter like never before making this the best time to venture into the industry. 

As you’ve gone through the article till the end, we assume, you’re looking for the best Game Development Company. Well, then, you’re just at the right place. Krew Games takes pride in its deft team of app and game development experts who take up every project and challenge with passion. To get your game/ application built, all you need to do is, connect with our manager, and voila! 

For further inquiries, you can get in touch with our Business Team now and get them resolved.