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Audiences are adapting to new AI tools and automation, distinctive trends have paved their way into our lives. Gaming platforms are playing a pivotal role during this adaptation and keeping the sanity of the skilled global workforce. Real money games also known as Play-to-Earn games or Casino games have innovatively mastered their way into professional Play to Earn and social gaming genres. Offering unique gaming solutions that include Slots, Bingo, multiplayer cards, Hyper Casual games and other real money projects exclusively designed to provide interactive yet addictive gaming experiences.

Overview Top Real Money Game Development Services

Build up your gaming audience with new-age Real Money Games that not only allow players to have fun but also offers them opportunities to earn cash rewards. With a wide array of Games of Skills and Games of Chances in the domain, our experts can custom build for you any Real Money Game you desire efficiently.
We at StudioKrew develop professional real money gaming projects, social casino games, and Play to Earn games for various platforms including Mobile, Desktop, Simulators, Browser, and many more.

Holding Expertise in

300+ Games Developed – 11+ Years of experience in Custom Game Development, Real Money Mobile game development, PC game development, web game development, and Casino game development services. Taking the lead to transcribe your game ideas to complex algorithms or converting your vision to an interactive designed gaming platform addictive to your end users.

Casual Multi Gaming Platform Development Company Casual Multi Gaming Platform Development

Fun-packed, intuitive games developed by our experts well-versed in building Multi-Gaming Apps with stunning skill and chance-based games. Offer the ultimate gaming experience to your audience with feature-loaded, entertaining Multi-Gaming Platforms with our Multigaming App Development Services.

Card Game Development Company StudioKrew Card Game Development

End-to-end Card Game Development Services with our crew of experienced and qualified professionals. Including traditional card games, we hold expertise in custom card game logics with variation of logics.

Slots Games Development company StudioKrew Slots Games Development

New to the industry, Elearning games have added a completely different spectrum to the learning, training, and assessment process. From early age kids to experienced industrial training, it supports quick interactive learning.

Game of Skills Game development company Game of Skills Game Development

Entertaining Game Of Skills games featuring unique designs, smooth mechanics, user-friendly interfaces, and superb graphics. From planning to game launch and after-release updates & maintenance, our team of certified experts have got your back.

Fantasy Sports Game Development Company Fantasy Sports Game Development

Legendary Fantasy Games developed by our experts take the fun and entertainment of your games to a new level. Along with engaging features, our fantasy games come with secure, quick money deposit and withdrawal benefits.

NFT P2E Development Company NFT P2E Development

Designing custom NFTs and Developing Video games with integrated NFTs as a crucial gameplay element increasing the user retention and attract new players on the platform.

RnG Game Development Company RnG Game Development

From game art and animation to coding, and testing, our RnG Game Development Services have got you all covered. Including certified algorithms, Card Distribution, Hand Comparions, and more.

Board Game Development Company Board Game Development

Engage your gamer audience like never before with fun and engaging Mobile Games. Featuring fantastic characters, collectibles, and addictive core game mechanics, the games make users keep coming back for more.

Game Liveops and outsourcing Company Game Liveops

Whether it's about integrating trendy features, adding exclusive content, or porting to new platform, our full-blown team of experts will build & implement a comprehensive LiveOps strategy on your app.

Fields of implementation

Metaverse Casino Games and Multi Gaming App & Games

These games are super popular and trendy in recent years with the audience of all age groups. Mostly this games are usually focused on the core gameplay.

Board Games

Playing cards is a load of fun that gets even better once you go online. There is nothing better than sitting back and immersing yourself in an enhanced world of card gambling where you can both play and socialize with people, making it so much more convenient than going to a real casino. Online gambling has the benefit of offering distinct visuals, colorful themes and wallet system that go beyond physical gambling. StudioKrew develop's a variety of multiplayer card games, including online poker (Holdem, Omaha, and OFC), Rummy, Teen Patti and other card games that are fueled on nested servers available for millions of users targeted around the world. We have specialised team of Algorithms, Game Maths, and testers ensuring quality and stability through extensive level of tests.

Slots Games

We design and develop slots for online casinos and social casino projects. We polish every small game detail to perfection in order to satisfy even the most demanding players. Development requires lots of patience, since slot software development is a craft that requires great focus and precision, that’s why we meticulously inspect every step and deliver impressive visuals and tight code within our online slot machines. We develop games with keeping a user-friendly interface, admirable graphics and stunning animations in mind.

Fantasy Games

The world of fantasy sports gaming platform are flourishing in the present time. To cultivate the opportunities and advantages of fantasy sports apps, we have come up with our world-class fantasy sports games development services. At StudioKrew, we build strong fantasy sports gaming platform and web applications for sports enthusiasts, professionals, and leagues. Each fantasy sports app solution that we build adheres to all regulations and compliances. Our skilled professionals build ideal apps for all kinds of sports that help you generate a good profit.

We have worked forOur Experience

StudioKrew has used its experience and creativity in promotional video games for markets as diverse as those of Startups, Retail, Mass Distribution, Automobile & even healthcare, Request A Quote!

END to END Game Designing and Development Services we provide in

ExpertiseMaking us different
Game Study

We determine how to organize and place content to create a logical layout and ease in game play. Prioritising content for main goals and target user personas allows us to create a natural experience.


The last step of creating an interface is adding subtle interactions to better the experience of using a website or application. We create simple yet effective prototypes before we actually build a product.

Game Development

Component based development is an effective method for building maintainable large scale game projects. We not only sweat every detail of the components but also serve the whole project to make it interesting and success.


We build interfaces that works efficiently in every environment. Before and after the project development, we perform User Acceptance Testing enables us to fullfill a wide range of project’s needs and efficient in every way possible.


Creating wireframes is vital in our design workflow. It allows us to make design decisions, apply user patterns and fix any potential design problems in good time.

Scalable Architecture

Considering both vertical and horizontal scaling is a must for us in every project we create. As the capacity of your project grows we make sure the database and server response time maintains a certain performance.

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