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StudioKrew—We stand out as experts in creating innovative and creative iPhone apps. Our team of experienced iOS developers is committed and passionate about providing you with the best iOS app development services and support. We leverage various tech stacks, such as SWIFT UI, React Native, and more, to bring your ideas to life in a way that's unique to StudioKrew. We're not just here to help; we're here to make your app stand out!


At StudioKrew, we specialize in developing robust and scalable Custom Native iOS Mobile Apps using Swift, Xcode, and React Native. Our apps, known for their interactive designs, feasibility, and crash-free functioning, are the gateway to a world of possibilities. Every application we develop results from meticulous brainstorming, including wireframing and prototyping, and is rigorously tested to ensure a secure experience, a beautified user experience, and an optimized app that minimizes memory consumption. Imagine the excitement of having an app that works flawlessly and enhances your user's experience!
Our team excels in Custom Native iOS Application Development services, a type of development that allows for creating high-performance apps that are fully optimized for iOS devices. With our apps, you can expect robust code, spectacular designs, responsiveness, scalability, security, and error-free functioning. We prepare every application rigorously and thoroughly test it to ensure it works seamlessly and occupies minimal space in the iOS device's memory. Experience the difference with StudioKrew's custom native iOS app development!
Our experienced iOS Mobile App Development Teams manage to meet the best of our client's requirements. We specialized in the fields:

Our iOS App Development is Boundless for Smartphones

We design and develop result-oriented immersive iOS application development solutions for Startups, Small and Big Businesses, and enterprises worldwide. Our portfolio includes iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV development. Our team excels in custom development, including a dedicated Research and Development team that understands client requirements and provides the best custom solutions.

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400+ Apps Developed – 11+ Years of Mobile app development experience – Offshore Development Experts – Apple Certified Developers Team

Gamification Development Company StudioKrew Swift App Development

Using a simple concept, we can transform your idea into a fully functional app with a clear focus. Our team of experts specializes in Native iPhone Application development, with a firm grounding in SWIFT, SWIFT UI, SpriteKit, ARKit, and Vision. We consider every aspect of the App, from developing a concept prototype to its launch, marketability, and scalability.

Mobile App UX UI Designing Company UX/UI Design

We are not only a company of engineers but also of designers. Our experts in UX/UI passionately create consistent user experiences and work closely with our engineers.

SmartTV App development company Smart TV Application

We are crafting immersive and user-friendly experiences for various platforms. Our expert team leverages the latest technologies to create engaging Smart TV apps that enhance entertainment, gaming, and multimedia experiences, catering to the evolving needs of modern viewers.

Liveops for mobile application Live-ops

We create a new, interactive UI for your App and release it strategically to help you stay relevant for your target audience for many more years. With our full-fledged LiveOps Services, our experts enrich your App with the latest features, backend, monitoring, and more.

Metaverse Game Development Company Gamification

Transform your mobile App to be more interactive and engaging for your audience and team. Support your App by increasing user engagement and retention through micro-transition animations and mini-gaming elements. These features help create a more enjoyable and playful experience, transforming the average user flow into a more engaging one.

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StudioKrew has used its experience and creativity in Mobile App Development for markets as diverse as Startups, Enterprises, Mass Distribution, Automobiles, and even healthcare. Get A Quote!

END to END Apple iOS Mobile Application Designing and Development Services we provide in

ExpertiseMaking us different

Creating wireframes is vital in our design workflow. It allows us to make design decisions, apply user patterns and fix potential design problems quickly.


Adding subtle interactions to improve the website or application experience is the last step of creating an interface. We make simple yet effective prototypes before we build a product.

Scalable Architecture

We must consider both vertical and horizontal scaling in every project we create. As your project's capacity grows, we ensure the database and server response time maintains a certain performance.


We build interfaces that work efficiently in every environment. Before and after the project development, we perform User Acceptance Testing, enabling us to fulfil a wide range of project needs and be efficient in every way possible.


We create new, exclusive content for your game and release it strategically to help you stay relevant for your gamer audience for many years. With our full-fledged LiveOps Services, our experts enrich your game with the latest features, live events, monitoring, and more.


Get full support in integrating third-party payment gateways, chatbots, SDKs, audio/ video call options, mini-games, and real-time chat options with your iOS applications.

SwiftUI & Theme-Based Development

Leverage our iOS App Development with Swift for your UI development and create customized design themes, including dark mode.

Agile Development

Our full-grown team of experts includes skilled QA engineers who identify bugs during the development process at every step before final product delivery.

Hiring a development team shouldn't be difficult.

When you hire us, you will work directly with our project manager, a team of developers, and designers passionate about building products that people love. We understand that paying attention to the details is crucial, so we take the time to understand you and your business.


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