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Imagine you know of an opportunity on mobile, but the actual development stage of the project is of no interest to you. Hence, we’ll be involved in a one time referral deal, in which you get a one time commission based on the value of the project. The resulting relationship is simple and efficient: you get us the referral, we close the deal, you get your share and we get down to business. You’ll be an intermediary between us and said partner until the agreement is finalized - no further involvement necessary after that.

Reach Us

Step one - you contact us and have an initial chat about the case, without the need to mention the name or contact details of the opportunity/ partner.

Referral Agreement

If we find the opportunity interesting, we’ll agree on the commission and sign the Referral Collaboration Agreement.


You intermediate the communication between us and the possible partner or client and help in creating the relationship.


Once a commercial agreement with explicit financial value has been reached between us and the partner or client you referred to us, you will get your commission. Fair and square.

Applies best to the cases in which you have the possibility of creating on-going opportunities, while being part of the development process and managing the communication during such projects. This usually creates a long-term partnership between us and gets us involved in common activities of the projects you bring in. We’ll provide you with all the necessary information on how we create value and the best practices we use to deliver strong mobile projects, enabling you to understand how we could be a good fit for your clients and partners. Your role will include promoting our solutions, lead qualification, creating offers and account management. Our team will be there to help every step of the way, of course. Such a partnership involves a great deal of trust, predictability and a customised approach on both sides. Our resellers are highly valuable strategic partners who benefit from the quality and depth of our mobile expertise. We work hard in order to make it easy for them to promote us in their portfolios.

Reach Us

Step one - You have a portfolio of possible clients or partners who can become our clients. Contact us and have an initial chat about how we can work together. We will assign a dedicated Business Manger for the point of communication and ease your work.


Once we have a clear basis for the collaboration, we’ll proceed with signing the Reseller Collaboration Agreement and your representation kicks off.

Team Work

For every lead you bring along, you will actively be involved during the entire sale and development cycle, on qualification, negotiation, and account management.


For every lead you bring along, you will actively be involved during the entire sale and development cycle, on qualification, negotiation, and account management.

Hiring a development team shouldn't be difficult.

Best suitable for when you want to use your organization’s name for the mobile products we build. In this case, our name and branding will not appear anywhere in the product or the communication with the end client. It’ll be like you’ll have your own mobile development team. You’ll be involved in the entire flow of building the mobile product or delivering the contracted mobile services, working closely with our mobile specialists. On top of this, you’ll get to control the pricing for these projects with the end client.

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We are not your typical development agency. Sure, we’re strong on design and technology, but we’re really focused on making things work for your audience & your business. Our client really value it.

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