Best SEO Tips for Small Startups & Businesses

So, You own a small business or startup and want to increase your presence in the market. Here are some simple but effective tips on SEO which you should follow to increase your online presence and reach to new customers and clients.
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     1.Making Your Business’s Social Profiles 

Social Media is the most effective platform to explore the market and increase your presence on the web. Getting your business’s their official social media profiles and accounts will sure help your audience to find your business online. Be it a an official Facebook Page or a Twitter Handle, social media pages will definitely provide you an exponential growth for your business and why wouldn’t it be ? It is the largest advertising platform for every giant company to a small farmer. For ex. If you have an Facebook Page, then you can put all your business information there and all the contact details through which new clients can reach you.

So, what are you waiting for ? Grab your phone and start making official accounts for your business before someone else does.  

      2.Creating a Google+ Brand Page. 

Google offers a special page for all the businesses and brands through which they can create an official profile of their business on google+. I know its not that famous but here’s the special trick. There’s a feature called Google My Business which allows you to add your business officially on Google Maps. You have to add your address on the form and google will send you a postcard with a verification which will verify your ownership. After that, you can all the relevant information about your business like opening hours,contact info and pictures. So, when someone will search your business on Google, he will be able to see all the information regarding your business and can rate too.


       3. Hire a SEO Expert. 

If you making descent money with your business and want to expand your reach and this might be a great option for you. So, what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a process or a method of getting traffic from the search results which is ‘organic’ and would certainly increase your reach by the use of keywords. Read this for more on SEO.

So, An SEO Expert is a certified professional whom you hire to increase traffic on your website by using Keyword Research and Generating Leads in search results. The fees varies on the amount of research done on keywords and how much organic you want on your business’s website.

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So far, so good ? But doing these things you might commit some mistakes which won’t help you in any way.So, here are some common mistakes that you should be aware of :

  • If you don’t have enough knowledge about using Social Media sites then if would be a little challenging for you to sign up as a business. Its better to take help from someone who knows about this stuff.
  • Not making your Business Page Public.
  • Avoiding to regularly update your Content and other Info on your Social Profiles.


So, these were some handful tips which you can refer to boost up your online presence and increasing your sales by some basic Social SEO tips. Do comment below to share your thoughts and please let us know if you want to add any suggestion to the article.