5 Tools That Will Help You Design Better


Designing websites are more than just creating PSDs in Photoshop all day. The first thing on which your client judges the creativity and innovation of your agency is the design of the website. So why use the same designs every time, take a look at some of our favourite tools that will help you design your site better and will certainly improve your website designing techniques and productivity.



When you are on the surfing all those amazing sites and suddenly come across a very awesome color that you definitely want to use in your next design, then this chrome extension is for you. It is a tool that puts an eyedropper on the side of your browser and let choose any color from anywhere and gives you its hex code right away. Trust me, it comes handy if you are a big fan of color combos.


Adobe Preview

It is convenient for those designers who mainly work on app designs and responsive designs. It is an app which can be downloaded from the app store which syncs with Photoshop on your PC and can be used for optimization in your responsiveness.



Font Face Ninja

It is available for most of the latest browsers like Chrome, Firefox. It is an extension that lets you hover over all the texts on the websites and gives you necessary information about the font used.


Color Picker

When you are away from your workspace and suddenly discover a new color, then taking a screenshot won’t help you in any manner. Color Picker is an app that lets you choose the color from the real-time images in your camera. You don’t need to take any pictures, the app will identify the colors and will give you the hex-code too.


Pen & Paper

Does it ever occur to you that when you are out somewhere and suddenly get inspired to design something but you are away from your desk and eventually forget about it? Pen & Paper is a mobile app from 53 that lets you design and sketch on your mobile or tablet with ease. Also, they offer a stylus that has an eraser which really makes your experience more interactive.