Top Game Development Company in pune

Top Game Development Companies in Pune

Are you in search of a game development company in Pune but finding it challenging to narrow down your options? Fear not, as Pune stands as the hub for some of India’s finest game development companies, catering to both established studios and independent developers. In this post, we’ve carefully curated a list of the top ten gaming companies in Pune, evaluating their portfolios and services to assist you in making an informed decision. Each company brings its unique specialization to the table, offering a diverse range of game development expertise. The power is now in your hands to choose the company that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements.

Before delving into the realm of game studios in Pune, it’s crucial to understand the key features that distinguish a reputable game development company. Here are the essential factors to consider before entrusting your gaming project to a particular team:

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Game Development Company

1. Company’s Experience: Every game development company excels in specific genres and platforms. Whether it’s puzzle and strategy games or other niches, it’s vital to ensure that the chosen company possesses the expertise needed to turn your game concept into reality.

2. Game Development Process: Transparency and flexibility are key elements of a successful game development company. A clear workflow ensures that you’re aware of each step in the development process, allowing seamless communication with the developers to address any concerns promptly.

3. Development Cost: The cost of developing a video game varies based on the genre and the chosen developer. Consider your budget and the level of expertise required for your project. While established game studios may command higher fees, freelance developers offer a more budget-friendly option.

4. Company Portfolio: A company’s portfolio serves as a window into their expertise, showcasing popular game genres, utilized technologies, and overall development processes. Dive into case studies within the portfolio to gain insights into the company’s workflow, aiding in your decision-making process.

5. Platforms They Work With: Different companies cater to diverse platforms, including mobile, browsers, and PCs. Ensure that the prospective company develops games for your intended platforms. Additionally, inquire about cross-platform services and game porting capabilities for a comprehensive gaming experience.

As you navigate the flourishing game development landscape in Pune, these factors will guide you toward the right team to bring your gaming vision to life.

Top Game Development Companies in Pune


StudioKrew is a leading game development company that has been providing high-quality services since 2013. The company has branches in the USA, UK, and UAE, and has established itself as one of the best in the industry. StudioKrew has a diverse toolkit and creates games in various genres, including Action Games, RPG, Casual/Hyper Casual Games, MMO, Cards and Board Games, Real Money Casino Games, Promotional Games, and Educational eLearning Games. They have successfully delivered more than 500 projects and have worked with premium brands such as SWIGGY, MPL, Amazon, Hyundai, and John Deere.

StudioKrew expertise spans platforms, utilizing Unity, Unreal, PlayCanvas, Cocos2D, Construct, and more. With a dedicated team of developers, designers, animators, and sound engineers, StudioKrew offers unparalleled excellence, making it an ideal choice for those seeking top-tier outsourced game development.

Apart from making games for various platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Consoles, Desktops, Android, iOS, and tablets, StudioKrew specializes in developing cross-platform games based on their client’s requirements.

Their Games: Challenge Master 2Player Game, Adda52, MPL, and Ludo King.


Aaryavarta is one of the best game development companies in Pune with offices and branches in the USA and the UK. The company has 7+ years of experience in developing and publishing games in multiple genres such as AAA Games, MMO games, real money games, casino games, slot games, card games, and board games. They use technologies like Unity 3D, Corona, Cocos 2d x, and Unreal to make realistic and engaging games. They also work with Angular JS, and Node JS scripting languages to create dynamic games with interactive user interfaces.
They provide various game development services 2D and 3D game development, cross-platform game development, UI/UX design services, Asset production services, and Animation services. In addition to this, they also offer cross-platform game development services.

Their Games: Real Euro Train Simulator, Singh is Bling, Dandelion, and UP – Adventure Time.


Rolocule is one of the pioneering video game companies in Pune creating virtual reality and augmented reality games. They are an award-winning game development company founded in 2010 by Anuj Tandon, and Rohit Gupta with a talented team of game developers who specialize in making hyper-realistic and engaging games for their clients. The company makes mid-core games and AAA games for mobile platforms, AR, and VR technology.

Additionally, they are also a winner of the Edison Award for tech innovation. Apart from that, their game Dead Among Us received the Game of the Year award at NASSCOM, Apple’s Editor’s Choice, and Best of 2015 awards at Apple’s App Store.

Their games: Dead Among Us, Bowling Central, Motion Tennis, and Flick Tennis Online.

GodSpeed Games

GodSpeed Games is a part of The Collective Ace Group providing game development and game outsourcing services to their clients for nearly a decade. Their headquarters is located in Pune, Maharashtra, and was founded in 2012. The company makes games with the mission of providing cost-effective and high-quality games to its customers. They provide game testing services, full-service game development services, live ops services, and AR/VR game development services.

Additionally, they also provide game porting services and game publishing services. Their talented team of game developers, and game artists collaborate, having completed 500+ games for clients globally.

Their games: Sanit Kotar, Lacuna, Knights and Dragons, and Encodya.

Juego Studios

Juego Studios is a game development company working since 2013 with the vision of creating innovative and engaging games for players. They have experience in domains such as Unity, Unreal Game Development Services, AI, AR/VR, Concept art, 3D modelling, animation, etc.

Their team of experienced game developers has many years of experience working in the gaming industry. They make casual games, card games, board games, and many other such games for platforms like Android, iOS, and browsers.


Pune is a prominent city in India that is a blend of both traditional and modern spheres. They have been noted as an important centre for trade even from ancient times. Withholding that reputation, now the city has become the major IT hub of India. Apart from the IT sector, they have shown remarkable growth in various fields including the gaming sector.

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