The Untold Story of App Marketing

Most of the App Companies nowadays hire a big marketing team to share and promote their app. The Marketers do so and focus on getting more downloads on the App Store and in shares the Social Media. At this point, the company gets overwhelmed with the number of downloads on the store doesn’t garner huge success to the company as the number of people uninstalling an app within 3-day timeline is more than 77%. So, it is better to understand more of the app marketing strategies and focusing on making long term users.

Marketing starts when the idea comes into production, So it is better to plan a profitable marketing strategy rather than just focusing on the number of downloads. We are not here to provide you with an App Marketing 101 but it definitely a guide so you can find the mistakes you’ve been committing and how to improve your analysis and strategies.


Pressure & Traction – Marketing Strategy

As the Investor funds his resources into the company, he forces the team to get user traction and engagement at fast rates which in return makes the marketing teams follow the adverse pathways such as bot downloads fake users. But another cheap and user engagement is prominent among the marketing companies that is another traction platform or apps such as Mcent, Free Mobile Recharge and Ladooo. The main purpose of these platforms is to provide tracking and generation of users in return of small amounts of Recharges and they mainly target Students.

Every student nowadays owns a smartphone and is also in need of recharges. So, these companies partner with the upcoming startups and provide them with user traction for their apps. And for a successful engagement via the app, these platforms force the students to sign up and register to avail the minimum amount of recharge.

So, If you are not succeeding in generating enough user database, then it is better to partner up with such platforms rather than adopting the cheap underbelly methods. Also, Using platforms such as Mcent, Taskbucks has successfully proven an increase in more long term users and engagements.


So, this was a little glimpse on how you can improve your User Traction and Engagement. Keep in mind that there are several other descriptive information relating to App Marketing. You can read here for more info from the marketing giant KissMetrics. Do share your thoughts and let us know below. You can also review this amazing infographic on the how to stand out in the App Store.

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