The Future of Virtual Reality in Tech Industry

While all the new Startups are targeting to make an “App” that will somehow change the world but there are some who are more interested in the future. The Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence are most untapped niches which will certainly revolutionize the way we are living now. Last Year, Google launched its Glasses in so much hype but its all gone now. Many new companies are trying to make new tech which will be far more better than Google Glasses. Magic Leap is an upcoming startup who raised around 800 million dollars to make the a contact lens which will change the way we look the whole world.

Where most people consider AR as a gimmick and consider all the V R headsets as toys, Augmented Reality can certainly help the digital world and will improve the functionality for all the latest startups.

So, here is the ultimate infographic to know more about the future of Virtual Reality in the upcoming years.

virtual reality
The Future of Virtual Reality


Source – VRBOUND,