How To Make Your App Stand Out From The Heard

 “Our App will revolutionize the world somehow”. Hundreds of Apps release everyday in the store with the same tagline and slowly fade away but those who are unique make it to the top charts. Let’s make an app and become rich is the mindset of most of the people nowadays but they don’t how hard it is to standout in the crowd and become successful. Most of the apps loose their charm slowly and its the top 25 where the magic happens and of course, every developer wants his app to be in that list. So here we are, some necessary statistics and information which might help you to fulfill your dream.

  • Luring the User 

Believe me, its all about targeting the audience, there are thousands of articles related to perfect marketing strategies but there is no secret formula. All you have to do is to balance your marketing and distribution(development) plans.Deploying regular updates and fixes.

But all of the major companies do that, so the question still arises “How to stand out ?”

To answer this question, you must think about that is your idea specific to some niche or can it do something unique. The whole concept is based on the idea that what service you can offer to your customer.So here are the some most important tips that you should go through.

  • Name of the App — Keep it short(4-5 letters) and catchy. In fact, it should be the first thing that should come to your mind after the idea of the app. 
  • Distinctive Logo – It better to make it simple,minimal and should definitely describe your app.  
  • App Description – “Content is always the King”. The description should be like you are selling someone one on one. Keep it catchy and luring. 
  • Reviews – The most important thing is to maintain your goodwill among your users and having genuine reviews. Bad reviews also help you to upgrade your app. 
  • Downloads – Well, its the only thing that will decide your ranking among your competitor. 
  • Pricing of the App – If you are offering a paid service then its never easy to decide what should be the perfect price of the service but consider that “the more is not always the merrier”. 
  • Engaging Your User – Its not only about downloads. Once a user starts using user app, you have to engage him/her to keep using your services. 



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Promotion ! Promotion ! Promotion ! –  And it all ends here, Promotion & Marketing at the initial stages are the ones who decide whether your app is going to stay in the game or not. Brainstorming is necessary to marketing. Promote your app wherever you can. Make strategies to increase traffic and generate leads through tech blogs. Sponsored Reviews are the most helpful in promoting your app to large audience. Just don’t expend too much on promotion.


Be the Trendsetter – “Go with the flow”.  People love exclusive things. In fact, if you are going to provide something that is unique then you don’t have to stress about the marketing. Word to mouth is the most successful technique which largely depends on the users and how much they love the product.



So, don’t just think about it. Now is the time my friend. Start executing your thoughts and processes and make your dream app stand out from the crowd. Do share your thoughts and let us know in the comments below.