An Insider Guide To Outsourcing App Development Services

An Insider Guide To Outsourcing App Development Services – Benefits, Risks, & More

As much as getting an app for your business in this era is paramount, it is equally important to ensure it is well-customized to the business needs and goals. A perfect solution is one wherein developers crystallise your ideas, the company’s mission, etc. How do you bring this mobile app idea to life as an eye-catching and functional app?

You can’t expect any random professional to do custom mobile app development the right way, the way you want it to look and work. This thought might urge you to consider building an in-house team, but the moment you realize the expenses it would incur, you may step back. 

Then, what? The idea of outsourcing app development from a reliable application development company remains. 

But, is app development outsourcing worth it? Should you go for it? How feasible the idea stands? Well, these are some of the questions that might be popping up in your brain which we shall hash out here. 

So, dig in to make the right choice for your business. 

Most Popular Types of Outsourcing Models

App development companies offer various engagement models for different goals and requirements to handle a particular outsourced project. As important as it is to choose the best engagement dynamic, it is equally confusing. It is important that whatever model you pick, the company offers you the most effective solutions. 

Here are the top four outsourcing models that deliver true value for your projects. Read on!

  1. Fixed Project Outsource: The contract is applied in a case where the project scope and needs are well-known and properly defined. Work scope is used by outsourcing companies to determine the overall project cost. 
    Once the project starts, any additional demand signing corresponding changes in the agreement or even having to sign extra agreements. The model works well for small or short-term projects or when you’ve to stay within a limited budget.
  1. Retainer Engagement: Under this type of contract, a fixed timely fee is finalised between the client and the development studio covering all the services defined under the scope. The engagement model is especially popular for prototyping where frequent test case analysis is required or the client is not very clear about the project scope, or post deployment of the project taking care of the live operations and system enhancement. 
    Being immensely versatile, this pricing model stands quite popular. It is so well accepted for the benefits it offers like quick project start, flexible budget, flexibility in the project scope, etc. In addition to room for renegotiation, the client has to pay only for the work done on your project. 
  1. Dedicated Team: This cooperation model involves an exclusive team formed by the outsourcing company in accordance with the client’s goals and needs. The team size as well as the structure entirely depends on project scope, deadlines, and tech stack among other factors. 
    The engagement model is specifically recommended for companies that will require full control over the development team or don’t want to increase the operational overheads of managing team payroll or onsite deployment. Furthermore, the model also comes with constant support and maintenance from specialists or allows frequent iterations where the work scope isn’t clearly defined. Thus, in the scenario of long-term projects, a dedicated team dynamic works best as the outsourced expert crew must fully integrate into the project.  
    This pricing model offers a flexible development process with benefits like clear straightforward communication and a predictable budget. 
  1. Hourly Team: Under this engagement model, the client bills only for the number of hours the outsourced team has worked on your project. The hourly team dynamic is recommended in cases where a client is not quite sure about the volume of the tasks to be outsourced or they have less amount of work. 

Common tools recommended for monitoring your outsourcing project and studio

  • Timeline Management: To ensure the project gets completed on time, project timeline management is of immense significance. While working on a particular project, the company has to put the tasks in order, manage resources effectively, and keep the team moving forward with the project timeline. Some of the tools recommended for timeline management are Jira, ClickUp, etc. 
  • Communication Management: When it comes to creating a great team, straightforward communication is one of the most crucial aspects. To keep everyone on the same page, and maintain effective communication and engagement throughout the development lifecycle, having productive communication tools is highly crucial. Gmail, Slack, Teams, etc., are some of the tools recommended for the same. 
  • Attendance Management: To keep track of the team members and how much time they’re spending on the project, an attendance management tool proves to be a worthy investment. There is a diverse range of AMS (attendance management systems) available out there. You can pick one that suits your needs best. 
  • Prototyping & UI Flow: Having a simulation of your final product helps a great deal in guiding the entire development lifecycle. Thus, you must possess responsive and productive prototyping software. Figma is one such tool recommended for building prototypes that match professional standards. 
  • Sourcecode Management: While working as a team within a shared codebase, developers require an effective source code management tool to make real-time changes in the source code. It eliminates conflict overwriting by tracking changes from each developer and averting conflicts and overwrites. A productive source code management tool recommended is Git which also helps make collaborative coding a user-friendly experience. 

Outsourcing Model

The outsourcing model has proven its worth many times still confusion around it doesn’t cease to linger. The main reason why people usually shirk away from outsourcing is the risk of data breaches and investment loss. So, they may even go on to claim that they can handle all the IT responsibilities of the company. But, that may prove a likelier risk than the one mentioned earlier in this scenario. 

When Is App Development Outsourcing Recommended?

App Development Outsourcing makes sense in the following scenarios: 

  • While working on an imprecise ROI or low-budget plan
  • While seeking a quick go-to-market time
  • In cases where most development tasks are on-time 
  • When a company needs to spend a lot on technical updation for app development
  • When you want to focus on your primary business. 
  • When a defined set of skills and talents is needed. 
  • When you want to be resourceful on a low budget. 
  • When a company lacks a proper team that can perform effective R&D for the project. 

Being from different fields the professionals in the outsourced team can serve you with amazing, unheard-of ideas to perfect the product, i.e., your application. Hence, outsourcing mobile app development becomes, for sure, a one-stop market for all your app development requirements. 

This takes us to another crucial discussion, i.e., the benefits App Development Outsourcing holds. 

Mobile App Development Outsourcing Team in UAE, UK, USA, and India - StudioKrew

Benefits of Outsourcing App Development

Given the kind of talent you’re seeking for your app development needs, outsourcing makes the smartest choice. Not only the great talent pool but smooth workflow, security, constant support, etc., also make the option recommended choice. 

Let’s hash out the benefits of app development outsourcing in detail: 

Expedited app development process:

Given that mobile app outsourcing companies look to deliver the best services, they offer a team of the best talent in each department. Being well-versed in their fields and able to adapt to changes quickly, the app development process speeds up immensely. 

Reduced Running costs

Overall expenditures get reduced to a great extent with an experienced app development outsourcing studio. With the team of the best talent and tools at your side, you no longer have to worry about putting up infrastructure, resources, office supplies, etc. For a small business, investing in these can become challenging. 

Innovative ideas

Being experienced and well-equipped with different fields, the members of the outsourced team are quick and effective at brainstorming workable and creative ideas. Outsourced professionals, moreover are updated to the latest trends and follow a systematic approach while crafting a game or application. 

Smooth workflow

App development companies like StudioKrew have a robust infrastructure for systemic workflow management. For each department of the development process, the development studios can offer the best project manager, UI/UX designers, project managers, app developers, and so on to ensure proper workflow. 


At any point in time, you might want to upscale the development requirements. An outsourcing agency will enlarge your team as per your requirements. 

Constant support

Building a unique app requires constant specialist support which is exclusively possible in the case of outsourcing. From ideation and launch to marketing and maintenance, experts in the outsourced team handle everything as per the contract terms. 

Cost & result-oriented

Outsourcing development agencies send out teams involving members required for a specific project. The crew is formed such that the best outcomes are delivered to the client. 

In-House App Development

This model especially works well for large companies that can dedicate financial resources and time to the internal team. Just like everything else, the in-house framework has got its limitations. Know them here: 

The Limitations of In-House App Development

Whether it’s web development or smartphone app development, a steep learning curve exists everywhere. So, even if you have the resources to build an in-house, team you must get familiar with its drawbacks and cons mentioned here: 

  • Training, recruitment, infrastructure, and other expenses incur immense upfront costs for the company in addition to recurrent oncosts. 
  • Making a great, deft team of specialists takes a lot of time as well as money. 
  • The project may face delays due to internal policies of the company that must be thoroughly considered. 
  • The need for extra resources to streamline the development lifecycle takes up the project costs and stretches the time-to-market further. 
  • Group brainstorming, handholding, or RnD demand a big team which can be deftly managed by companies specialised in full-time development. 
  • Unlike outsourcing companies where a senior tech team is led by a seasoned project manager, in-house app development endeavours do not own any rich experience from the past to guide them through the journey. 
  • Furthermore, since the team members keep on switching organizations frequently, having a backup team becomes one of the top priorities to keep the workflow smooth. 
  • CTO for managing an app development outsourcing team is extremely important to keep the team guided and on the same page throughout the journey.
  • Team training and regular updates on new trends. Like, we have published an article about best practices for Mobile App Development services which require years of experience and case studies to undertake. To know more, read our blog post.

How To Outsource App Development: A Definite Guide

If you’ve gone through the above deets and info, and have decided to outsource app development, then you must know how to do it. When chosen well, an outsourced team will not only ensure hassle-free delivery but build a product that delivers a captivating user experience. 

Follow these steps to find the right fit for your company: 

Define Your Requirements

Although having a clear scope definition and project goal helps a lot, with an outsourcing company you can even take help in knowing what would suit your business the most. The enterprise can acquaint you with the latest trends, helpful features, etc., but you must endeavour to get added to your application. Furthermore, with experts from outsourcing companies by your side, you will get the best strategies to outrun your competitors. 

Depending upon your requirements, you can choose from different outsourcing models such as fixed pricing, retainer engagement, dedicated team, and hourly rate. 

Find An Application Development Team

You can choose from an on-shore, nearshore, or off-shore app outsourcing model depending on your resources and app type. To find the closest estimate of the app development outsourcing engagement model, you can get in touch with StudioKrew’s business team. From the processes they follow to the tech stack they deploy, the manager will acquaint you with everything you need to know before outsourcing. 

Evaluate Portfolio

Go through their portfolio and see the kind of products they chiefly deal in. Check out their live products or request a demo version of a project they accomplished in the past. Asses their reviews, testimonials, references, and case studies to see how the company handles projects. 

Choose Service Model

Hiring an outsourcing app development team is accessible in different models such as dedicated, project-based, and out-staffing. At StudioKrew, the business team always come up with the two recommended models along with the investment analysis. You may go through the reference page for a better understanding of the custom mobile app development services offered by KrewGames.

Finalize Your Budget

A clear budget outline will help you keep an eye on your finances. Furthermore, you can also compare your budget with other companies as well. Before saying yes to any app development agency, find out the number of iterations they allow. In case, the iterations aren’t included in the plan, they would only add to your overheads and you may have to go over budget. Make sure you don’t opt for an overly cheap deal. That’s because such seemingly sweet deals often lead to sloppy apps.

While considering the budget, do regard the following pointers: 

  • Ensure the development studio agrees to sign the contract availing you of exclusive ownership. Under the agreement, the outsourcing partner must dispose of all project work post-handover. 
  • Ensure the agency you’re opting for assures you of not outsourcing the project further to another development studio. That would only lead to crappy code and crummy products. 
  • Ensure the development company must keep your data confidential in compliance with the contract. 
  • Inquire about the tech stack the company deploys and request a detailed review explaining the investment requirement. 

While evaluating the budget against the above-mentioned pointers, you’d be able to find a perfect development studio match for your dream project. 

Research More

The more you research, the better your decision would be. Before choosing an app outsourcing company, make sure you consider a development studio that actively participates in the RnD of your project. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to ask for relevant case studies presented during the meetings. That would equip you with an idea of how the company has handled projects in the past. 

Irresistible Benefits of Outsourcing App Development 

  • Fast Time to Market: While outsourcing your app from an outsourcing agency, you have the guarantee that your product will be delivered within a stipulated time. Any app outsourcing company handles multiple projects at a time. So, to maintain its record and reputation it will have to make the delivery on time as per the contract. 
  • Immense Cost Saving: When it comes to the in-house app development team model, a company faces operation as well as team onboarding costs. Furthermore, you’d have to acquire the latest tech stack each time it is updated. However, with the outsourcing option, no such costs irritate your budget at all. Paying them the cost of your project building is what it all takes. It’s as simple! No added costs to surprise you in between!
  • Saves A Lot Of Time: Planning to hire an outsourcing agency would not only save you money but time as well. Your app development task would turn out hassle-free and smoother here as opposed to the in-house model where you’d have busied yourself with the constant hiring and firing of members. 
  • Enjoy Higher Flexibility: App Development Outsourcing agencies can scale up and scale down the team size as per your project requirements. This would have been way more challenging in the in-house model. The outsourcing model nullifies geographical barriers and allows team members to work efficiently across diverse time zones. 
  • Allows More Accountability: Any authentic app development outsourcing agency claims accountability for the project it is working on. In case anything goes wrong on their end, experts would rectify it then and there to ensure a great customer experience. 
  • RnD and Brainstorming: Professionals are experienced and faster at coming up with great ideas and performing effective RnD sessions for the project. Since an outsourcing company has already worked with a lot of clients across diverse genres, they can give your company the best for your development requirements. Faster and more fruitful brainstorming & RnD sessions will only expedite the project development requirements. 
  • Case Studies and past similar case experiences: Thanks to previous challenges and fascinating projects, the company and its crew come to gain immense experience in the field. Thus, they are equipped with a broad wealth of skills and knowledge to manoeuvre while handling a particular task. 

A Quick Wrap-Up

With a detailed picture of what in-house vs app development outsourcing looks like, it must become easier for you to take the best decision for your company. Know that this is a time when apps have penetrated deep into our lives and a majority of the world performs their actions via apps from ordering food to doing business. 

So, make sure you pick an app development outsourcing company that delivers great user experiences and truly seeks to resolve an issue and ease their lives. 

Have you got a unique game idea? Well, for all your app development outsourcing needs, StudioKrew has it all. Our deft and seasoned team takes up every project with passion to turn your ideas into the reality you envisioned. Get in touch with us and let’s start crafting your amazing application together!