how to get more customers online ?

How to get more customers on your ECommerce Website ?

In the past 2 years, Indian E-Commerce Business has seen a blasting growth and boom in attracting customers to shop online and is going to increase more and more in the coming years. E-Commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal have successfully created a large swarm of online shoppers who are the main reasons behind all these success and growth. This is a little glimpse on how to get more customers online?

According to Alexa’s database, Over 1000+ E-Commerce Startups and Companies are selling a wide range of products online in 2015 only. The number is increasing and as a result, there is a hard competition out here to enough shoppers on their respective websites. Also, the number of shoppers will increase to 175 million by 2020.

Regardless of these discounts and promotional advertisements, many companies are struggling to get enough traffic on their website and then shopping is much more ahead of this problem.

To start selling to customers, You must think like one and to help you we have some of the most important concerns from a customer’s perspective: 

  • Will I really get what I want?  – The topmost priority of building a customer’s trust is to provide what he is really looking for without any compromises with the quality and this happens mostly with all the categories and most importantly with Fashion & Apparel. So, major websites like Jabong & Myntra are now providing a 360 view of the dress and detailed images to satisfy the consumer with full trust.
  • Don’t Depend on Discounts & Sale Offers – Upcoming E-commerce often commit the mistake of relying on monthly & weekly discounts offers to gain huge traffic and profits. But after the Flipkart’s Ultimate Sale, customers now consider all these heavy sales as a hoax. So, it is better not to provide discounts on everything.
  • Stand Out From the Crowd –  It is always good to keep yourself from distinct from the herd but how are you going to do this if you are all in the same race.

The solution lies in providing additional features and upgrading your services. Providing fast deliveries, fast shipping and tracking interfaces, secure checkouts and payment methods. All these are the essential features that decide the customer satisfaction and makes him as a potential long term user.

how to get more customers on my e-commerce
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INNOVATION ALWAYS WORK – Make your website more lucrative and garner additional features to boost your traffic. Start providing offline shopping and fast optimized checkout processes integrated inside your apps and boosting your business.

All in All, the growth of your business depends on customer loyalty and what features are you offering to the buyer that will make him/her buy again from your e-commerce. So, follow some of these tips and tricks on how to get more clients online? Do share your thoughts below and let us know if you are interested in starting in your own online business or e-commerce website.